My name is Michelle.

You could probably decipher that from my overly creative business name. I am a mom of three pretty cool humans. I started my photography journey in 2007 when my oldest was born. I bought a camera like almost every Mama and thought "I can do her photos on my own" and boy did I ever. I have the world's most documented daughter with the most subpar (and that is putting it nicely) photos ever. Eventually with tons of practice and some help of some friends and online acquaintances, I figured out that camera and it became my career. Whodathunk?

My three pretty cool humans.

If you want to hear me ramble...

Before photography and besides making children, I was a mortgage officer. Yes, I dressed up and went to an office daily, put my face on a billboard and had meetings. I did that for over 10 years. Do I miss it? Only the paychecks and some amazing co-workers. 

I eventually quit and photography became my full-time gig. I now have a studio in West Fargo and amazing humans who trust me with their memories. I truly love documenting all of your life, from baby to adulthood. The good, the sometimes bad, the important, the "just for fun!" but not the weddings. I am too old and too unorganized to be your photographer of choice for that milestone.

My favorite things are fountain cokes, escape rooms, sweatpants, competing, the sun, investigating, naps, belly laughs, vacations, space heaters and early mornings. Normally, I don't work weekends because I am constantly chasing kids or hanging out on the couch with them binging Netflix. I suck at texts and emails and messages but am really working on it. I have the sleep pattern of a newborn and require 10-12 hours of sleep at night (and most days a nap!)  

I think that covers it and if you made it this far, kudos! Thanks again for being in my little corner of the inter web. I can't wait to help you document some memories.

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